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T. Grover & E. Pondell to Mr. Harvey Regarding Reinforcements

Date: February 21, 1787
Creator: Thomas Grover; Elijah Pondell
Publisher: Hampshire Gazette
About this artifact

Moses Harvey was Montague's representative to the Massachusetts General Court, but because of his pro-Regulator sympathies, was removed in October of 1786. This letter from Thomas Grover and Elisha Pondell asks Mr. Harvey for men and provisions saying that "The seeds of war are now sown." On November 30, 300 light horsemen were sent by Governor Bowdoin to Groton, to arrest Job Shattuck, Oliver Parker and Benjamin Page. Shattuck and John Hapgood were injured. There was a rumor that the horsemen had also injured innocent bystanders. This letter is dated December 2,1786, but it did not appear in the Hampshire Gazette until February 21, 1787 - a month after the action at the Springfield Armory.

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Courtesy Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield, MA