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Excerpts from the Journal of Park Holland

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and be tryed by a Court Marshall and probably be hanged the
poor fellow was panic struck notwithstanding his having ben
an old soldier on my arrival he sprang to me for protection and
beged I would not suffer him to be abused I told him that
he should not be Ill used and might stay at Home in peace
and if he was required must give Bonds for his appearance at
the next Supreme Court he felt quite Happy and after returning
me a Thousand thanks we left him One thing operated in his
Favor he had been a soldier in the same company with me in the
the forpart of the Revolutionary war & had fought like a good
soldier which I had not forgotten if he had - we all returned
the same Night without doing any mischief and but verry little
good - we tarryed a few days in Barra & then Marched to
Rutland by this time it was proposed by Government to Dis-
-band the army and to raise a Regiment by Voluntary
inlistment to serve Six Months unless sooner discharged
the Officers to be commissioned for that purpose and General
Newhall was appointed to take the command he earnestly
solisatated me to take a Majors commission in the Regt
but I considered the affair pretty much settled and rather
choose to return Home and declined continuing longer
in Service. The army was soon disbanded after a campaign
of about Six weeks and I returned home safe and Sound.
In the course of the season many who were conspicous
carracters in the Rebellion were compeled to give Bonds
for their Appearance before the Supreme Court which
were to sit in Worcester in the following September and some
few were Imprisoned - at the setting of the Court I
was choose and sent as Grand Jury man this turned out to be
rather a long disagreeable Jobb we sat about a Fortnite.

I ough here to observe that Government had previously