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Excerpts from the Journal of Park Holland

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appointed two commissioners (Viz) Genl Lincoln and Otis
Allen who were invested with Authority to pardon all such
(who might be Indited) as they thought proper which finally
terminated in a pretty General pardon with but verry few
exceptions - Those lenient mild measures persued by Government
was perhaps the best method that could have been procured
to bring back those who had ben enguaged in the Rebellion to
a sense of their duty and to become good Citizen of the
State - The Regiment which I have before observed was raised
for Six Months marched to the County of Berkshire where the
Rebells had become troublesome to the peacable Inhabitants but
they were soon brot to order with but little difficulty and
the Regiment disbanded in the course of the Season -

Thus ended the Shays Rebellion so called and came to a more
Happy termination than was at first expected-

After those transaction which are above recited ware brought
to a close and all was peace and quietness nothing of consequence
transpired- on the following Spring when the time arrived for
the choice of a Representative to the General Court I was put
up as a candidate for a Representative by the Government
party so called and the Shays party being well satisfied with
my conduct towards them through the late disturbance they
generally gave their Votes in my favor and I was chosen
by a verry respectable Majority I must confess I felt rather
diffident about execpting the appointment as I was totally
unacquainted with Legislative business had I ben appointed
to the Command of a Regiment or Brigade I should have
accepted with more confidence but however I accepted and
in due time set out for Boston at Election an took my Seat
but I must confess I felt rather small to be seated there among
so many Grey Heads who had made Legislative Business their