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Reprieve for Henry McCulloch & Jason Parmenter

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Commonwealth of Massachusetts

To Elisha Proter EQ? Sherref of the County
of Hampshire

Whereas Henry McCulloch of
Pelham and Jason Parmenter of Bernardston
were at our supreme judicial Court held at
Northampton in and for our said County of
Hampshire on the Tenth day of april in
the Year of our Lord seventeen hundred and
Eighty seven by adjournment to that Time
from the first Tuesday of the same
april by writ in Virtue of an act of the
General Court made in Febuary last part
convicted of the Crime of Treason and
thereupon the said Henry McCulloch and
Jason Parmenter were by the Justices of our
said Supreme judicial Court adjudged to suffer
the pains of death and a warrant having
thereupon issued to the Sheriff of our said
Court, of Hampshire, to put the same
Sentence into Execution upon Thursday
the Second day of August next and
whereas a further Time is necessary to
disover whether the Consent measures
adopted by the General Court by their Resolutions
of the thirteenth of June last will have the
happy Consequences which they were intended
to procure and determine whether Spirited
and decisive and peaceable measures wile
as neceessary to support the Government and
to protect the citizens of this Commonwealth
in that Security they are entitled to have under
the Constitution