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Arrest Warrant for Job Shattuck

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then commit to any Goal or other safe place within this Com-
monwealth, & them there detain without bail or mainprize, till
they shall be discharged by due course of Law; & of this Warrant
with your doings therein you will make return to the Governor
and Council.

Given under the Great Seal of the Commonwealth this
Twnety eighth day of November, in the Year of our Lord, one
Thousand seven hundred and eighty six, & in the eleventh year
Of the Independence of the United States of America
By his Excellency's Command
James Bowdoin
With the advice and consent of the
John Avery jun Secretary

_____ [?] 1st [?] Agreeable to the within precepts
me I have apprehended the bodies of the within
named Job Shattuck, & Benjn Page I have committed them
to the Care of Loammi Baldwin hon Sheriff of the County
Of Middlesex
Aaron Brown
Wm Scott
Middlesex Ss [?] Agreeable to the within precepts I [?]