Old Hundred

The Bay Psalm Book

The Whole Book of Psalms Faithfully Translated in English Metre, more commonly known as The Bay Psalm Book, was first printed in 1640 by a group of Massachusetts ministers who were dissatisfied with the psalm book currently in use. This first edition of The Bay Psalm Book contained text but no tunes. When the book was reprinted in 1698, tunes were added for the first time. Courtesy Library of Congress

The tune for the version of the song sung here is from The Sacred Harp, published by the Sacred Harp Publishing Co. The tune might date back into the 16th century and has been attributed to several people. “Psalm 100” is the one hundredth psalm in the Bible and appears in the Bay Psalm Book, by Stephen Day, Cambridge, MA, 1640. This book contains only text and no tunes. Old Hundred remains in use today with a variety of different texts, but always with the same tune.

a capella voices


Make ye a joyful sounding noise
Unto Jehovah, all the earth;
Serve ye Jehovah with gladness
Before his presence come with mirth.

Know that Jehovah he is God;
Who hath us formed it is he
And not ourselves; his own people
And sheep of his pasture are we.

Enter into his gates with praise,
Into his court with thankfulness;
Make ye confession unto him,
And his name reverently bless.

Because Jehovah he is good,
For ever more is his mercy;
And unto generations all Continue doth his verity.