American Flintlock

Date: 1754 - 1780
About this artifact

This musket is made from a combination of British, European, and American parts incorporated into an American maple French-styled stock. It is typical of muskets made for military use on the eve of the American Revolution and which remained in use among men who took them home after the war. Modeled on the British Long Land Service Musket, it is .75" caliber, and mounts a socket bayonet. The lock is a repaired British Musket Flintlock, marked "Farmer 1746." The government militia defending the United States Arsenal and the advancing Regulators who possessed firearms carried similar weapons. As it turned our, punishing rounds from the Arsenal artillery dispersed the advancing Regulators before either side had the opportunity to fire their muskets.

Courtesy Springfield Armory National Historic Site, US NPS, Springfield, MA