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Daniel Shays to General Shepard Regarding Dead

Date: 1787
Creator: Daniel Shays and General Shepard
Publisher: Hampshire Gazette
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In this note to General Shepard, Daniel Shays requests that his dead and wounded men be sent to him under the flag of truce so that they can be either buried or tended to. If Shepard refused to send the wounded men, Shays wanted a list of their names. Shepard also received this request from friends and relatives with a list of five dead to be returned. Jeremiah McMillen, who is listed as wounded and missing, was not one of the four men who were killed. Root, Webster, and Spicer were killed immediately, and Hunter died later from his wounds. William Butler began publication of the Hampshire Gazette on September 6, 1786, in Northampton, Massachusetts. The mission of the newspaper was to inform the public about the issues pertaining to the ongoing conflicts. Butler was decidedly on the government side of the issues.

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Courtesy Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield, MA