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Gazette Text of Sept. 1786 Proclamation by James Bowdoin

Date: September 13, 1786
Creator: James Bowdoin
Publisher: Hampshire Gazette
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This is the text of a proclamation by Massachusetts Governor James Bowdoin regarding the assembly of Regulators on August 29, 1786 to prevent the sitting of the court at Northampton. It calls for all people of the Commonwealth to aid in preventing and suppressing such acts and for the punishment of the men who participated. William Butler began publication of the Hampshire Gazette on September 6, 1786, in Northampton, Massachusetts. The mission of the newspaper was to inform the public about the issues pertaining to the ongoing conflicts. Butler was decidedly on the government side of the issues.

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Courtesy Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield, MA Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association