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Excerpt from Our Busy Town

Date: c. 1950
Creator: Kelsey Flower
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In the years after the American Revolution, there was widespread debt and economic problems in the 13 states. Many people owed money and had no means of repaying it. The courts in Massachusetts were directing that debtor's properties be sold at auction so the debts could be paid. Property was selling at very low prices, so the system just made poor men poorer. In August 1786, Daniel Shays led a group of men to Northampton to prevent the court there from sitting. The mob was successful in their mission. In September, a company of militia was called out from the Connecticut Valley towns to defend the Supreme Court in Springfield from the regulators. This excerpt from Our Busy Town by Kelsey Flower contains Justin Hitchcock's description of the militia's experiences.

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Courtesy Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield, MA