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Petition from Sarah McCulloch on Behalf of Henry McCulloch

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Date: May 7, 1787
Publisher: Mass Archives
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Henry McCulloch of Pelham was sentenced to death for treason for his role in the Massachusetts Regulation. In this moving petition to Governor Bowdoin, McCulloch's widowed step-mother, Sarah Peebles McCulloch, pleaded with Governor James Bowdoin to spare her 36-year-old stepson's life. She blamed Henry's troubles on strong drink and questionable company, and begged that "...the Tears and prayers of a poor widow whose only support he is, be heard...I am an old woman, and have an unhappy child, my all, my comfort, my support, convicted of Treason against State....he has been a tender child, the support & comfort of my old age, since the loss of my husband...he has ever been dutiful and obliging to me?He had no father to council him, and a mother that did not know how..."

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Courtesy Massachusetts State Archives, Boston, MA