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Pennsylvania Proclamation Offering Reward for Shays

Date: 1787
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The state of Pennsylvania declared its cooperation with Massachusetts in apprehending Massachusetts Regulators Daniel Shays, Luke Day, Eli Parsons and Adam Wheeler. Rewards were offered in Pennsylvania money in addition to the rewards offered by the state of Massachusetts. This proclamation was a gesture of solidarity with the government of Massachusetts and refers to the Articles of Confederation. According to the national constitution, the Articles of Confederation, operating at the time, "If any person guilty of, or charged with, treason, felony, or other high misdemeanor in any State, shall flee from justice, and be found in any of the United States, he shall, upon demand of the Governor or executive power of the State from which he fled, be delivered up and removed to the State having jurisdiction of his offense."

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Courtesy Library of Congress, Washington, DC Prints and Photographs Divisions