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Verdict for Job Shattuck

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Date: May 9, 1787
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Job Shattuck of Groton, Massachusetts, was convicted of treason by the Supreme Judicial Court in Concord on May 9, 1787 for his actions against the government during the Massachusetts Regulation. Severely wounded during his capture the previous fall, Shattuck was still in jail at the time of his sentencing. The indictment also included Oliver Parker, also of Groton, but he was acquitted. The men were charged with "most wickedly & traitorously devising and conspiring to levy war against this Commonwealth" and with the intention to "subvert the rule and Government of this Commonwealth". Shattuck was sentenced to be executed by hanging. The sentence was not carried out, as Shattuck received a pardon from Governor Hancock in September.

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Courtesy Massachusetts State Archives, Boston, MA