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Order of Execution for Job Shattuck

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Date: May 28, 1787
Creator: James Bowdoin
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Job Shattuck of Groton, Massachusetts, was convicted of treason by the Supreme Judicial Court in Concord on May 9, 1787 for his actions against the government during the Massachusetts Regulation. Severely wounded during his capture the previous fall, Shattuck spent four month in close confinement before being released on bail one month before his trial. In May, the Supreme Judicial Court found Shattuck guilty of treason and condemned him to death. Governor James Bowdoin issued this warrant authorizing the sheriff of Middlesex County to execute Shattuck on June 28, 1787. Before the sentence was carried out, Shattuck received a reprieve from the newly-elected Governor, John Hancock.

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Courtesy American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, MA