George Washingon to Benj. Lincoln Regarding "these commotions"

Date: November 7, 1786
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General Benjamin Lincoln had served under Washington during the Revolution, and the two men continued to correspond after the war. Both were charter members of The Society of the Cincinnati. Founded at the close of the Revolutionary War by General Henry Knox and other officers of the Continental Army, membership in the society was restricted to veteran officers and their eldest male descendants. Limiting the membership to officers combined with its hereditary aspects made the Cincinnati controversial among those who believed the American Revolution had been fought to eliminate artificial aristocracies based on birth and privilege. George Washington was elected the first President General of the Society and held the position until his death in 1799. Washington was very concerned over the activities of the Regulators in Massachusetts and hoped that General Lincoln could tell him what was happening. Washington felt the Regulators were a threat not just to the Massachusetts government, but also to the stability of the United States.

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Courtesy Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, NY, NY