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Proclamation to Apprehend Daniel Shays and Others

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Commonwealth of Massachusetts Feb

By his Excellency James Bowdoin Esq. Governour
Of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

A Proclamation —

Whereas the General Court of this Common
wealth did, on the fourth of February instant,
declare that a horrid and unnatural Rebellion
and War hath been openly and traitorously raised,
and levied against this Commonwealth, with a
design to subvert and overthrow the Constitution,
and form of Government thereof: - And Whereas
it appears that Daniel Shays of Pehham, and
Luke Day of West Springfield, in the county of
Hampshire, Adam Wheeler of Hubbardston
in the county of Worcester, and Eli Parsons of
Adams in the County of Berkshire, have been
the Principals in, and Abettors and supporters
of this unnatural, unprovoked and wicked
Rebellion against the dignity, authority and
Government of the said Commonwealth —

I have therefore thought fit, by
and with the advice of the Council, and at
the desire of the General Court, to issue this
Proclamation: hereby requiring all Judges,
Justices, Sherrifs, Grand Jurors, Constables
and other Officers, civil and military, and
also recommending it to all other good
Subjects within this Commonwealth, to use
their utmost endeaveurs, for discovering and
apprehending the said Daniel Shays, Luke
Day, Adam Wheeler and Eli Parsons, and then

[Written sideways on document:]

Proclamation for apprehending
Daniel Shays, Luke Day &
Adam Wheeler & Eli Parsons

February 9, 1787