Manuscript: Text Transcription

Bill from Deerfield Selectmen for Military Supplies

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Select Men of Deerfield to Aaron Marsh Dr        
    £ S D
1787 Jany 5th To 22lb of Powder at 2s4d pr lb =   2" 11" 4
To 42ss[sheets] of Paper for Cartridges     2" 8
Feby 5th x To 47 Gills N E Rum Ded Capt     5"  
Dickinsons Company pr Verbal Order        
6th To 3 1/2 Bushels of Wheat a 4s 6d     15" 9
7th x To 48 Gills N E Rum Ded as above     5  
x 23nd To 3 Gallns W I Rum Ded Lt Catlin     15 0
[x ]Jany 18th To pd Jona Hoit for himself Sleigh
and Horse to Carry Troops to Springfield
£ 4" 14" 9


1787 March 12th By an Order on yd Town Treasurer   £ 2.14