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Deposition of Samuel Buffington

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I Samuel Buffington, of Cummington in the
County of Hampshire, and Commonwealth of ~
Massachusetts of Lawfull Age, do disclose and say,
that on Thursday the Twenty fifth day of January,
One thousand Seven hundred & Eighty Seven, having
the command of a Company of Light-Horse, and
being under the command of Maj. Gen William
Shepard, (who commanded the Forces stationed at
Springfield for the defence of the Arsenal and
Public Buildings) I was xxxxxx ordered to ~
reconnoiter with a Party of horses, the Main Road
from Springfield to Wilbraham, to watch the
motions of the Insurgents under Daniel Shays
who was approaching. –I accordingly met them
at five Miles distance from Springfield on the
main Road at which time they were halted –
several of their Officers, on seeing me, advanced to me –
I asked them if they were Shays' Party—they said
yes.—I then asked if Shays was with them—they
said yes; and then observed, they had a fine
Body of Troops; I readily assented, and asked the
Officer, who by his conversation seemed chief, to exchange
Names, which he declined; another Officer coming
up, and calling my Name several of them said
I should not return.—One of them then said, if the
matter was not settled before Sunsett, New England
would see such a day as She had never yet seen
--I answered probably enough she might, and left
them. On their nearer Approach to the Arsenal
I again met them and spoke with their Officers
and asked if Capt Shays was yet with them; they
Answered General Shays was, on which he advanced
and with his sword in his left hand drawn, his Pistol
in his Right hand, and familiarly asked, how are
you Buffinton –I replied, you See, ~~~