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Jonathan Judd, Jr., Diary Entry

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Decr 26. 1786. Getting Wood for Father
Wednesday 27. Went with Sylvester to
Norwich. to Mr Tracys for Cattles --
Thursday 28. nothing new
Fryday 29. fine Slieghing
Saturday 30 nothing new
Sunday 31 as usual Sylvester and
Solomon & thir Wives here
Monday Jan 1. 1786. nothing new
at Lr Lymans at evening with Select Men
Tuesday 2. nothing new
Wednesday 3. at Northampton
Thursday 4. Lecture
Fryday6: as usual -- Thaughy
weather for 2. or 3. Days & turns cold to
Day Slieghing almost spoilt
Saturday 7. Cold
Monday 8 Raw & Cold. at Doctr Woodbridge
at Evening Mr Strong & Wife assembled
Tuesday 9. very moderate Snow all Day
Mr Wolworth here
Wednesday 10. Mr Wolworth goes home
to Easthampton
Thursday 11. Frederick & I at Northampton
Father goes to Easthampton with us--
Fryday 12. on Wednesday Evening hear
that the Militia are sent for and
that the Sland is to be ready against Men