Manuscript: Text Transcription

Elihu Ashley Diary Excerpt

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31st Went out to Merrells this forenoon,
returned about Twelve. Dined after which
I went down Street, went to D Barnards, saw ye
Two Fields there. I had not been there long before
D Hoyt came along who had been at Crt he told
us ye Crt was stopt, but we could not get much out
of him I went to Mr Hoyts with Barnard and ye
Fields, but there being a large Number there the
Fields and I went over to S Barnards Tarried yr
some Time, then went back to Hoyts tarried yr
and took ye Papers then went up to Jonas, tarried
there till Eight when my Brother came Home
he told us about ye Mobb at Springfd. he said there
was about 1500 with Jno Moseley at ye Head. they
would not let ye Crt set upon any Establishment
and made ye Judges and all ye Crt solemnly swear
that they would not take nor Execute any Comission
under Gage's. Catlin was much abused by Mr Harvey
I never see a person so altered in my Life as my
Brother was Entirely without Law, every Man left
to the Mercy of his Fellow. I came Home about
Ten and to Bed.

Septr. 1st.--After Breakfasting I went to my Dadas

tarried there but alittle while, then returnd
and went to Lt Fields to see Catlin was there but
alittle while before I was called away came home
and dressed Smiths Wound then went back again