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Gazette Report on Milita and Regulator Movements

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NORTHAMPTON, January 24.

On Thursday late, a number of the militia of this county amounting to 1500 men, by order of Major General Shephard, marched to Springfield with a view, as we are informed, to defend the public Store at that place on behalf of the government.—It is said that the insurgents to the number of five or six hundred have assembled at West Springfield, and that Mr. Shays with his party, supposed to amount to about the same number, marched from Pelham towards Palmer.—We are also informed that Gen. Lincoln with his division arrived on Monday last, at Worcester, from which movements it is highly probable, events of importance speedily take place.

We are told, in the Worcester Magazine of the week before last, that several of the inhabitants of that county, who had opposed Government, took the oath of allegiance previous to the first of January, instant.