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Southern Papers Suggesting Division of the Confederation

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A hint has, in the southern papers, been suggested to the Deputies of the Federal Convention, on the propriety of recemmending a dissolution of the Confederation and a division of the states into four republics---The first to contain the states of New-Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode-Island and Connecticut, to which Vermont might be added. The second to contain New-York, New-Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland. The third, Virginia, the two Carolinas, and Georgia. The fourth to contain the state of Franklin, Kentucky and the lands lying on the Ohio. This division seems to be pointed out by climate, whose effect no positive law can surpass---The religion, manners, customs, exports, imports, and general interest of each, being in them the same, no opposition, arising difference in these (as at present) would any longer divide their councils---unanimity would render us secure at home, and respectable abroad, and promote agriculture, manufactures and commerce.