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"A Crostick" Poem Printed in the Gazette

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Mr. BUTLER---Please to publish the following.

THERE is a word much-used at this day, which is not explained by Johnson or Bayley: perhaps some idea of its signification may be found in the following:


I nsolvent debtors, aiming ne'er to pay:
N otorious gamblers risking all at play.
S edtious whigs, who think a man should die,
U nless his sentiments with their' comply.
R evengeful tories, democracy disdain;
G reat Britain, they think ought to rule & reign.
E nlarg'd jail-birds, men with five years pay:--
N ews-men, Court members, servants run away
T the vicious ign'rant herd; for knaves fit tools
S ome may be honest, yet deluded fools.