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Regarding Delegates of the Philadelphia Convention

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A correspondent observes that every true patriot must be pleased with the very respectable Delegation appointed by the State of Virginia, to meet in Convention, for federal purposes, in this city in May next. The names of WASHINGTON, WYTHE, and RANDOLPH, will ever be held in the highest veneration, by every lover of American liberty.

It is to be hoped, continues our correspondent, that the Assembly of Pennsylvania, will appoint Some of her first political characters to meet those illustrious statesmen, and friends to their country, before the present session expires. The following gentlemen, respectable for their age, abilities, integrity and experience have been taken off, as suitable persons to meet General Washington and his associates, viz. His Excellency Dr. Franklin, Thomas Mifflin, Robert Morris, James Wilson, George Clymer, Thomas Fitzsimons, and John Armstrong, junior, Esquires. A convention composed of such and similar characters, will undoubtedly be able to remove the defects of the confederation, produce a vigorous and energetic continental government, which will crush and destroy faction, subdue insurrections, revive public and private credit, disappoint our transatlantic enemies and their lurking Emissaries among us, and finally (to use an Indian Phrase) endure "while the sun shines, and the rivers flow."