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Indenture of Justin Hitchcock

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And the Said Moses Church for himself Doth Covenant
Promise Grant and Agree unto and with the Said
Apprentice in manner and form following THAT
IS TO SAY that he will teach his Apprentice or cause
Him to be taught by the best ways and means that he
may or can the trade Art or mystery of Hat ma=
=king & to read write cypher If the said Apprentice
be capable to learn and will find and Provide for
and unto the Said Apprentice Good Sufficient
meat Drink Lodgings wearing Aparrel & wash=
ings & Provide Him two suits of Apparril fit for such apprentice
In testimony whereof the Said Parties to these
Present Indentures have interchangeably Set our
Hands and Seals the fifth Day of May In the 6th year of
the Reign of our Sovereign Lord Geor ye 3d by the Grace
of God King of Great Britain France and Ireland
and in the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven
Hundred Sixty Six.
Moses Church

Signed Sealed and Delivered
In Presence of Luke Hitchcock

Justin Hitchcock

Medad Sanderson

Eliphalet Hall