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Excerpts from the Journal of Sarah Howe, volume 2

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came with twenty one armed men that belonged
to Lincolns Army - Shays left Pelham Lincoln
was at Amherst I think on hearing of it he set
out at night and traveled all night came on
them in the Morning as were cooking their
Breakfast, they had no Centries nor scouting
parties but took possession of any house they
come to, were scattered round among the houses
nearest to the Centre of the Town. Lincolns Light
Horsemen rode round in small parties and
they ran in all directions 20 and thirty would
give up their guns to one Horseman Bradshaw
a Horseman was making about 30 give up their
guns to him but the man where they were although
a Government man told them that they were fools
to do it and made them go off with their guns.
What they meant to do I know not some said
that they meant to make and Equal Division
of property others said they meant to cansell
all their debts, and name over a great many
of the leaders that must be put to Deat
They all went home from this Town except
Shays and a few of the leaders who left
the state for a short Time.

The General court the next session granted
a pardon to all on taking the Oath of Allegiance
to the Government.

Although there seemed in the time of wa
a great deal of spite yet the Animosity
immediately Subsided.

Soon after this Insurrection the plan of forming
a convention for Framing the Federal Constitution
was adopted and the ever Great and