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Table of Official Depreciation of Bills of Public Credit

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Common-Wealth of Massachusetts.

WHEREAS by an Act of the General Court, passed in their present Session, the Justices of the Supreme Court of this Commonwealth, or the major part of them, are appointed and impowered to determine the value of the Bills of public Credit current within the same, from the first day of April last; for which purpose they are directed to meet once in every three months at the least, and as much oftner as they shall judge necessary, and then to determine the value of the said bills, as compared to the value of Silver and Gold, within the Commonwealth.

Accordingly, the said Justices having met at Boston upon this day, and being duly sworn, as the same Act directs, have determined the value of said bills, when compared with silver and gold, within the Commonwealth, to be as follows:

From April 1, 1780 to April 20, one Spanish milled dollar was equal to 40 of the old emission.

April 25 42 to the 25th 60 September 10, 71
" 30, 44 " " 30th 62 October 15, 72
May 5 46 to June 10th 64 November 10, 73
" 10, 47 " " 15th 68 " 30, 74
" 15, 49 " " 20th 69 To Feb. 27, 75
" 20, 54 to Aug. 15h 70 1781.  

And ever since the money of the new emission hath been in circulation, one dollar thereof hath been equal to forty dollars of the old emission.

  William Cushing,
Given under our hands Nath'l Peaslee Sargeant,
the 27th of Feb. 1781. David Sewell,
  James Sullivan.
A true copy,  
Attest. JOHN AVERY, Sec'ry.