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David Hoyt to his Father, Regarding Shays' Rebellion

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Springfield Jany 26, 1787

Hond Father
I Received yours of ye 24th yt of last
night in which you mention that ye
families are well, also requesting me to
inform you of our "Numbers and situation"
Our number I cannot exactly ascertain
but Judge them to be about 1400 & continually increasing our situation
is Exceeding good we have a full supply of
Provision and all other necessaries- you ment-
ion in your letter Sir. that the Mob party
in that part of ye County turn out were num-
erous this we have heard before- Their numbers
we do not regard-our Genll has orders to Defend
the public Stores on ye hill at all hazards-
We had inteligence day before yesterday that
Shays with his army was on his march with
a view to take ye Hill. the Army here was
put into ye best Posture of defence & every one
caution taken to prevent a surprize- Altho we
very much expected a visit that night yet we were disappointed