Manuscript: Text Transcription

Charles Sigourney to John Williams Regarding Ginseng Root

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Boston 1st March 1784

Messrs Williams & Upham


Since your Mr Upham was
with me I have made enquiry about respecting the
Ginsang Root. & find such prodigious Quantities have
been ship'd from the Southern States to almost every market
in Europe, (by far greater than was ever known before,) that
am convinced yours will sell for a much less sum then
you expect, but wish it may turn otherwise.

I just mention this you, as I apprehend you may
place dependance on it's netting Sufficient to discharge your
Debt with me, when I am confident it will not pay one
half of it. --- Upon closing my affairs I find have
a much Larger Sums due me, then I had an idea of
& far beyond my Capital, I am therefore oblig'd to
call earnestly upon every one to make me payment as
soon as possible, otherwise I cannot leave the Country
this Season, which am afraid will be the case. I
beg therefore Gentm you will do to the utmost in your
Power to assist me at this particular juncture, for
be aprised was not the State of things very difficult,
I should not be so pressing. In expectation
of your kind assistance. I am

with the greatest Respect
Your very Hb Servt
Charles Sigourney