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The Reverend Samuel Willard Recalls "The Insurrection of 1786"

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insurgents came riding up at full speed
& gave to me, a boy of ten years, the oral
commission: "Run into the house & tell them
to parade in a minute for the enemy are up
on us." I went in but found them in
as much confusion as a hive of bees in
swarming. After they were gone it appeared
that one of them had forgotten to take his
gun & a brother of mine took possession it
& it was never called for. It was a furi
ous snow storm or rather the snow was
flying & it was very cold. Some poor wight
had his hat taken from his head & I suppose
he went without a hat against the furi
ous North wind to Athol where they
halted. I myself found the hat the following spring
in one of our lots & as my head was
large for a boy of my age, it suited me
very well & I finished the wear of it