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Diploma from the Society of Cinncinati

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Be it known that Lieutenant Colonial HUGH MAXWELL
is a Member of the Society of the Cincinnati; instituted by the Officers of the American Army, at the Period of its Dissolution, as well
to commemorte the great Event which gave Independence to North America, as for the lauidable Purpose of inculcating the Duty
of laying down in Peace arms assumed for public Defence, and of uniting in acts of brotherly affection, and Bonds of Perpetual Friendships -

IN TESTIMONY whereof I the President of the said Society, have hereunto my Hand at Philadelphia
in the State of Pennsylvania ~~ this FIFTH Day of MAY in the
Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty Four and in the EIGHTH
Year of the Independence of the United States.
By order,
HKnox Secretary.GWashington President.