Manuscript: Text Transcription

Oath of Allegiance Taken Before Ebenezer Matoon

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We John Quinton &c.

I _ do truely and sincerely acknowledge profess, testify, and declare, That The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is, and of Right ought to be free, sovereign, and independent State and We do swear, that We will hear true Faith, and Allegiance to the said Commonwealth, and that we will defend the same against traiterous Conspiracies, and all hostile attemps whatsoever, and that We do renounce and abjure all Allegiance Subjection and Obedience to the King of Great Britain- and every other foreign Power whatsoever, and that no foreign Prince, Person, Prelate, State, or Potentate, hath, or ought to have, any Jurisdiction, Superiorty, Pre-eminence, Authortiy, dispensing or other power in any Matter, civil, ecclesiastical, or spriitual- within this Commonwealth, except the Authority and Power, which is, or may be vested by their Constituents in the Congress of the United States- and we do further testify and declare that no Man or Body of Men hath or can have any Right to absolve or discharge us from the obligation of this Oath-Declaration, or Affirmation, and that We do make this Acknowledgment- Profession, Testimony, Delcaration, Denial, Renunciation and Abjuration heartily and truly according to the common Meaning, and Acceptation of the foregoing Words- without any Equivocation, mental Evasion, or secret Reservation whatsoever- So help us God-
John Quinton Humbly? Hon

Moses Dickinson=Amherst *West Springfield *Stephen Miller Jnr Chancy Taylor W Springfield
Nathaniel Dickinson 2d Do " Jesse Rogers- Do
Waitstill Dickinson Do -Do -Roger Miller Jacob Miller Do
Stephen Noble Westfield W. Springfield James Wade Solomon Chapin Do
John Edwards Ely West Springfield Do- Enos Blossom Brigham Day W. Springfield
Shuebal? Taylor- Granby Do- Justin Leonard James Day- Do-
Pliny Chapin- Do- Do- Grover Barker Silas Moody Amherst
Asa Miller- Do- Do- Rufus Bouker Elihu Moody Amherst
Daniel Day- Do- Do- Noah Dewey Junre Titus Bartlet Granby
Tristan Story- Southwick Do- Oziey Flower Asa Rumvil- Do
Jacob Hoadley-Westfield Do -Abel Marley Benjamin Stone?- Granville
Martin Kellogg= Amherst Do- Josiah Sawyer? Elijah Stenger? Springfield

Hampshire February 3d-11th to the 17th

Do -Consider Shaw? his
A sd Month 1787-. Do -Stephen Colegrove x
Personally appeared the above named his x Valentine Worthy W Springfield
Persons and took and subscribed the oath x Do- James Philips mark
Allegiance as above aforesaid? mark Dan Taylor Do-
Com E Mattoon Junr Just Pais Do -David Marley Ezekiel Day Do -