Manuscript: Text Transcription

Oaths of Allegiance from Shelburne, Colrain and Deerfield

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We do truly and sincerely acknowledge, profess, testify and declare that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is, and of right ought to be a free sovereign and independent State; and We do swear that We will bear true faith and allegiance to the said Commonwealth, and that I will defend the same against traitorous conspiracies and all hostile attempts whatsoever : and that We do renounce and abjure all allegiance, subjection and obedience to the King, Of Great Britain Queen, or Government of Great Briton (as the case may be and every other foreign power whatsoever; And that no foreign primer, person, prelate, State of potentate, hath or ought to have any jurisdiction, superiority, preeminince, authority, dispensing or other power, in any matter, civil, ecclesiastical or spiritual within this Commonwealth, except the authority and power which is or may be vested by their Constituents in the Congress of the United States : And We do further testify and declaere that no man or body of men hath or can have any right to avsolve or discharge me ^ us from the obligation of this oath, declaration or affirmation, and that We do make ^ this acknowledgement, profession, testimony, declaration, denial, renunciation & abjuration heartily and truly, according to the common meaning & acceptation of the foregoing words, without any equivocation, mental evasion of secret reservation whatsoever. So help us God.

12thSalah Smith Shelburn 12th Josiah Coolidge
14th  Daniel Merrill Colrain Wm Clarke
Sam X Fellows Jur
Abner Rockwell
James Hulbert
Thomas Shearer
William Nelson
Thomas X Fellows
(Shelburn) John Taylor John Linn
Oliver Clark Colrain Thurew Luckes [?]
James Willson (12 of July)
Edward Nelson
Allen Bliss
Derfield John Locke
Oliver Newell
Moses Rainger
    Abraham Puk Jun