Manuscript: Text Transcription

Oaths of Allegiance from Colrain, Shelburne and Deerfield

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We Azariah Cooley, Carmin Wright James Olcott, Seth Arms. Rufus Arms. Moses Pike Holt Samuel Balkcom of Deerfield Isaac Coolidge of Colerain Edward Allse of Greenfield Lawrence Kemp Sylvenus Allen John Boyd [?]d Sampson Hosley David Anderson David Wilson Amasa Kemp[?] Nathiel Skinner Foster Soloman Morrison Elisha Barnard, Jonas Boyd 3d Samuel Hayward of Shelburne George Anserson Daniel Anderson James Severs of Shelburne John Northbutt John Northbutt Junr of Colerain Reuben Long Isaac Winter Samuel Severance James Taft Shuball Burdick Isaac Avery John Rosesand[?] James Weaton Oliver Reinke Hugh Foster Thomas Anderson Barnabas Davidson -------Elijah Seaver Jason Colby of Shelburne and James McCullough of Colerain Ichiel Jones of Deerfield.

Do truly and sincerely acknowledge profess testify and declare that the Common wealth of Massachusetts is and of right ought to be a free sovereign and independent state And I do swear that I will bear true faith and Allegiance to the? Commonwealth and that I will defend the Same against Traitorous Conspiracies and all hostile Attempts whatsoever And that I do renounce with and abjure all Allegiance Subjection and Obedience to the King Queen or Government of Great Britain (as the case may be) and every other Foreign Power whatsoever And that no foreign prince person prelate State or potentate hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction Superiority, preeminince, Authority, dispensing or other power in any matter, civil, ecclesiastical or Spiritual within this Commonwealth, except the Authority and power which is or may be vested by their Constituents in the Congress of the United States And I do further testify and declaere that no man or body of Men hath or can have any right to Absolve or discharge me from the Obligation of this Oath declaration or Affirmation and that I do make this acknowledgement profession testimony declaration denial renunciation and Abjuration heartily and truly according to the Common meaning and acceptation of the foregoing words with^out any Equivocation mental evasion or secret Reservation whatsoever so help us God,

  Samuel Severance Ezkiel Jones Jr
azariah Cooley Lawrence Kemp James Taft
Carmi Wright Sampson Hosley Shubel Burdick
Seth Arms Silvanus Allen Faril Crosby
James Orcutt Amasa Kemp[?]  
  Nath S Foster Reuben Long
Rufus Arms Solomon Morison James Weaton
Moses P Holt Elisha Barnard Thomas Anderson
Samuel Bolkcom John Boyd Oliver Kemp
  Samuel hayward John
Isaac Coolidge george Anderson Izugh Winter
Edwardus Allen John Hulbert David Winter
  John Hulbert Junior Barnabus hismark Davidson
Davie Anderson Daniel Anderson Jason Colby
  James [?]by James McCulloch
John Boyd Isaac Winter Elijah Sever