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Petition from the Town of Grafton

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pardoned is in our view a very grose partiaillty

Article 11th Because in our view such an act will
be more Dangerous to the Publick Safety than
injurious to individuals

Joseph Meriam James Whipple Moses Hayden
John Goulding Joseph Warrin Timothy Meriam
Silas Warrin Zebedee Redding Nathl Adams
Shelomith Stow Simon Bruce Phinehas Leland
  Andrew Adams NathllWard
  Solomon Stow  
Joseph Merriam Junr Perley Batchellor  
first & Second article only Jonathan Pierce  

The Seventh article the Subscriber protests a-
gainst because there was nothing Substituted in
lieu thereof- Perley Batchellor

Copy Examined Benja Goddard Town Clerk

After the foregoing Instructions were accepted by
the Town, a number of respectable gentlemen
inhabitants of Grafton we are informed, entered their
Protest against several of the Instructions; whose names
are as follows, viz.