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Clemency Petition from Henry McCulloch to James Bowdoin

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To his Excellency James Bowdoin Esqr. Governour
the Honrble the Council of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
most humbly shews

Henry McCullough of Pelham now confined in the Prison
in Northampton and under Sentence of Death for High Treason
that your Petitioner is informed by the Sherriff of the County
of Hampshire that a Warrant for the Execution of your
Petitioner has been issued and that the twenty fourth Day of
this month is appointed for that solemn Scene — your
Petitioner is fully sensible of the Evil of his Conduct and feels
the deepest Sorrow and Remorse at the Remembrance of it
but your Petitioner humbly hopes there are some Circumstances
that will plead in his Behalf — your Petitioner had really
no appointment to any Office in the Rebel Army, and the
Reason of his appearing to act as an Officer was because he
rode a good Horse and had a foolish Fondness to be thought
active and alert, and your Petitioner flattered himself that his
Guilt would not appear more aggravated than that of any one
of those who have been pardoned in the County of Hampshire, all
of whom were known and avowed Officers of Shays Army, That
Your Petitioner went from Home unarmed and was persuaded
merely for Show, to take an old Cutlass just before the Attack at
the Arsenal, and although your Petitioner was guilty of uttering
diverse foolish and wicked Expressions for which he is heartily
grieved and ashamed, yet he professed that every one of his
acquaintances will bear Testimony that his Heart is humane.
The domestick Circumstances of your Petitioner are fully known
to your Excellency & Honours and he humbly prays that
your Excellency & Honours would once more attend to his diss
tressed Situation and if it may be that a Pardon may
be granted h him for his Offence in which Case of your Petitioner
will be attached to the Government by the Strongest Principle