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Petition from the Town of Pelham on Behalf of Henry McCullough

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To his Excellency james Bowdoin Esqr Governor of the Comm-
monwealth of Massachusetts, and the Honble Council

Te Subscribing Petitioners, Inhabitants of the Town of Pelham,
in the County of Hampshire, in Behalf of Henry
Mc Culluch, of Said Pelham, now a Prisoner within
the Goal in Northampton, under a Sentence of Death
for Treason against the Government, most humbly
Shews -----that very deeply affected with the unhappy
Condition of the Said Henry Mc Culluch, and axiously
desirous to do every thing within their power, and to use every
proper, and Regular method, in Order to avert, if possible,
his impending Fate. they have presumed to approach your
Excellency, & Honors, with this most Humble Petition, in
Favor of the Said Henry, begging the Clemency and Mercy
of the Government, to Spare his forfited Life, and Pardon
his Offence for which he is Sentenced to dye---they beg Leave
to assure your Excellency and honors, that although he Stands
Convicted of so high and Aggravated an Offence, yet he is by
no means, in other Repects a Person of an Abandoned
Character, but has been, in the Vicinity where he dwells, consid-
ered as a benevolent, and useful Citizen; and that it is the
Opinion of Your Petitioners, that, in Case his Life might be
Saved, he would be induced, from his past ^ Errors, Misfortunes, and
Dangers to yield adue Su[???] to the Laws
& to the Government, and make all possible Attonement, for Past
Offences, by future Obeience --- your Petitioners further beg Leave
to Suggest to your merciful, and Compasionate Consideration, the
distresses of an aged and impotent Parent, and all the tender
Agonies of Surrounding Neighbours, and Friends; and likewise
to assure your Excellency and Honors, that in Case ----------
the Said unhappy Prisoner could receive a Pardon, it would
be considered, by your humble Petitioners, and by the Inhabitants
of their Town in General, as Such an Act of Clemency, as would
lay them under the most particular, obligation to use their
utmost Influence in future, in order to promote and Secure
a due Submission to Government, and Ovedience to the Laws.
Your Petitioners therefore most humbly pray that the Said Pri-
soner's Life may be Spared, & that he may recieve a full Pardon
of his Offence, and as in Duty bound Shall pray
M 1787.