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Subscription to Loan Money to the General Court

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Whereas the late doings of the General Court for quelling the
tumults & disorders which have for some time past existed in this
Commonwealth have by no means answer'd the good & salutary
purposes intended by the Legislature & His Excellency the Governor
having very satisfactory evidence that the Insurgents have in
contemplation to continue their outrages against law & Justice
by preventing the sitting of the Courts of Justice next to be
holden in Worcester, is of opinion that it will not be necessary
to call a Body of the Militia for the purpose of quelling the
Tumults & securing the Rights of the Citizens & as this is an event
which ^was unforeseen by the Legislature so that no provision has
been made for the immediate discharge of the Expences
necessarily attendant on such movements but absolute
assurance having been given to his Excellency the
Governor by the Genl. Court in their last Sessions of
every possible support on their part in his future
attempts to inforce due obedience to the authority & laws
of Government & for preventing any attempts to
interrupt the administration of Law & Justice to aid
in effecting so great a purpose We the Subscribers
persuaded that the Genl. Court will do us every possible
Justice at their next Sessions agree to loan such articles
of provisions & Cash as shall be affixed to our names
to be supplied on demand of Government
Boston Jany. 4th. 1787

James Bowdoin £ 250 Jona. Amory £60
William Phillips 300 ..300 Thomas Walley ..60
Saml Breck ..180 Leonard Borland ..60
Thomas Lee ..100 Tima Newell ..60
Thomas Russell ..200 Danl Sargens ..50
Jona. Mason ..150 Isaac Smith ..60
Abiel Smith ..120 Sampson Reed ..60
Benj. Clark ..100 Mungo Mackay ..60
Saml Eliot ..100 Saml Brown ..30
Ebenl Parsons ..100 Saml Parkman ..30 provision
Wm Powell ...50 Jos. Cordis thirty pound  
Arnold Wells ...50 in provisions ..30
J.C. Jones ...50 Wm Mackay in Goods  
O. Wendale ...60 or money ..30
Joseph Gardner ...60 Crowell Hatch 100
Jos. Barrett ...60 James Lorimer in behalf  
David Sears ...60 spc order Joseph Coolidge ..30