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Testimony of William Lyman

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I William Lyman of Northampton in the
County of Hampshire and Commonwealth of
Massachusetts of Lawful Age do say and
declare that on the Twenty fifth day of Jan 1787
being ^ under the command and an Aid de Camp -----------
of Maj Gen William Shepard who was posted
at Springfield for the defence of the Arsenal
and Continental Buildings in Springfield was,
on the Near Approach of the Insurgents under
Daniel Shays want to demand of the Insurgents
to explain the motives of their Advancing in
Arms and military Array On coming to the
front of their Column then about One hundred
Rods from General Shepards Line, in Company
with Capt Sam Buffinton he asked for
Capt Shays a Person mounted on horse back
rode down their Column as we supposed to
call Shays and some Two Persons advanced
to the front land asked if General Shepard
was there Buffinton ^ said yes they said he was not
they did not see him on either of those Horses
and continued if Gen Sheppard will come