Footnotes and Further Reading

Alexander Hamilton

Footnote # 1

Alexander Hamilton to Edward Stevens, November 11, 1769 quoted in Ron Chernow, Alexander Hamilton (NY: Penguin Press, 2004), 31.

Footnote # 2

The traditional birth date for Hamilton is 1757. However, conflicting documentary evidence and Hamilton's apparent desire to subtract two years from his actual age when he arrived in North America suggests that 1755 is a more likely date. For a discussion of the evidence, see Ibid., 46-48.

Footnote # 3

Alexander Hamilton to John Jay, November 26, 1775, quoted in Ibid., 69

Footnote # 4


Footnote # 5

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Footnote # 6

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Footnote # 7

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Footnote # 8

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Footnote # 9

Ibid., 93

Footnote # 10


Footnote # 11

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Footnote # 12

Rhode Island did not ratify until 1790. For a discussion of Rhode Island and ratification, see Irwin J. Polishook, Rhode Island and the Union (Evanston, Northwestern University Press, 1969)

Footnote # 13

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Footnote # 14

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