Footnotes and Further Reading

Henry McCulloch

Footnote # 1

From the "MA History Project" research of Robert Keyes, Pelham Town Historian, Pelham, MA.

Footnote # 2

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Footnote # 3

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Footnote # 4

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Footnote # 5

Robert Keyes, "Who Were the Pelham Shaysites?" Historical Journal of Massachusetts (Vol XXVIII, Winter 2000), p 38. Additionally, Keyes points out that the median age of the Pelham Shaysites was 33.75; 67% were between age 20 and 39; 73% were Scotch-Irish; 76% were married; 74% had children; 46% had served in the American Revolution; 72% lived near or just east/southeast of the Town Hall, the land seized by the state in the 1930s to create the Quabbin Reservoir to meet the drinking water needs of eastern Massachusetts.

Footnote # 6

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Footnote # 7

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Footnote # 8

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Footnote # 9

Quoted in Gregory H. Nobles, "Leniency and Legitimacy in Shays's Rebellion: The Case of Henry McCulloch" (Annual Meeting of the Southeastern American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies. March, 1985), p. 24.

Footnote # 10

Pelham Town Records, Memorial Library, Deerfield, MA.

Footnote # 11

Nobles, "Leniency and Legitimacy," p. 24.

Footnote # 12

Quoted in Keyes research on Salome Hamilton writing in 1894, Pelham Historical Society.

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