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Ebenezer Mattoon to Thomas Cushing Regarding Henry McCulloch

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Letter from Major
Mattoon to Major
Cushing relation to
Mc Culloch



Major Thomas Cushing Esqr


Amherst May 8th 1787

Dear Sr

I am happy to acquaint you that affairs wear a flattering appearnace in this County at Present, the tempers of People grow moderate and reason begins to assume her prerogative we have nothing to fear, only from a change of Administration, how far this may affect us I will not pretent to predict, however thus much, it argues instability, which does not much to honr to our Republic. ______ I am very glad our good Governor & Council have conducted so prudently with regard to the Criminals, however, I cannot but suggest one mistake, with regard to Mc Colloch I am fearful that Person will suffer for want of proper knowledge of his character, he is rash and bad in many of his expressions, exceedingly so, yet when ^he is out of bad company, and himself, I -- Declare I know not of a Person of more honesty and fidelity, nor a Person more Generous, accor =ding to his ability; surely less guilty than either of the four who are Pardoned, I am certain of it, from my own knowledge, ------- I