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William Shepard to Henry Knox Regarding Compensation

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them with the Sums I had paid out in Money and some small
Matter for supporting the Horses of the Expresses who put up
at my House, which amounted, I think in the whole of the Sum
of Sixty five pounds. I also creditted the Commonwealth with
the Sum of Fifty pounds, which they had furnished me during
the Campaign, whereupon, a Balance remained in my Favor, of about Fifteen
Pounds, which Ballance was, on the Settlement, not allowed
but wholly defalcated, and thereby a Saving made to the publick
of the said Sum of Fifteen pounds,- which, though but a small
gain to them, is of essential Consequence to me, particularly as
I was obliged to dispose of a final Settlement Certificate of Eleven
hundred and thirteen Dollars, at less that four Shillings on
the pound to repay a part of the Money I borrowed
before I received any from the Commonwealth - thus in this
one Instance only did I make a Sacrifice of my property for the
Service of the Publick, which my personall Embarrassments,
tho sufficiently distressing, had not been able to compel one to.

Those Loses and Disappointments, added to other Perplexities,
sett heavily upon me and I find myself, from duty to a large
Family, under the Necessity of seeking Relief from some suitable Quarter
and asking, for that purpose, the Assistance of some friend
whose humanity of heart would incline and whose Knowledge
and Concerns in the publick Business would enable him to afford every
needed Direction and Aid.-therefore have I troubled you
with my Application - my Mind immediately recalled? Genl
Knox as that able Friend and I feel encouraged from a Recollection Remembrance
that when you required me to take the Charge and Case of the
important Arsenal on Springfield Hill, you led me to Hope I
should be paid for the Service of defending it provided I should not
receive an adequate Reward from the Commonwealth -My Friends
have suggested an Application to the Clemency & Liberallity of Congress
and for my part I view it as the last and only Resort that is left
me -

I therefore, Sir, request your kind Consideration of my Cir=
cumstances as I have related them -your Opinion whether such
Application to Congress will be expedient and your Direction as to what Mode
of Statement will be most likely to convey to that honorable Body