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Arrest Warrant for Job Shattuck

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Commonwealth of Massachusetts
To Aaron Brown trader & William Scott Gentle

Whereas in & by an Act, made and passed the tenth day
of November current, the Governor with the advice &
consent of Council is authorized & empowered by war-
rant under the Seal of the Commonwealth to com-
mand & cause to be apprehended & committed in
any Goal or other safe place within the Common-
wealth, any person or persons whatsoever whom the
Governor & Council shall deem the safety of the
Commonwealth requires should be restrained of their
personal liberty, or whose enlargement is dangerous

The Governor & Council upon information received, deeming the Safety
of the Commonwealth inconsistent with the personal liberty of Job
Shattuck & Oliver Parker Gentlemen & Benjamin Page Yeoman, all
of Groton in the County of Middlesex aforesaid - Nathan Smith and
John Kelsey, both of Shirley in said County Gentlemen, and that the
enlargement of the said Job, Oliver, Benjamin, Nathan & John is
dangerous to the said Commonwealth, its peace and safety –

You are therefore hereby authorized and required forthwith
To apprehend the said Job, Oliver, Benjamin, Nathan & John

[Written sideways on warrant:]
Warrant to Sheriff
Baldwin to apprehend
Job Shattuck & others
Novr28th. 1786