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Declaration of the General Court that a Rebellion Exists

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Date: February 4, 1787
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On February 4, 1787, the General Court, or Massachusetts Legislature,declared that "horrid and unnatural Rebellion and War" had been raised against the Commonwealth "with design to subvert and overthrow the Constitution and Form of Government thereof which has been most solemnly agreed to, and established by the Citizens of this Commonwealth." The Declaration condemned Regulators who had continued to act against the government despite earlier offers of pardons and clemency from the state. It also informed citizens that the Massachusetts government would use "the greatest energy and force" to suppress what the General Court considered an "open, unnatural, unprovoked, and wicked Rebellion," including bringing those believed to be its "Fomenters, Abetters, and Supporters" to justice.

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Courtesy Massachusetts State Archives, Boston, MA