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Address to the People of Several Towns

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Worcester Decr 7th 1786

An address to the People of the Several towns in
the County of Hampshire from the body now at Arms

-Gentlemen, we have thought Proper to inform
you of some of the principle Causes of the late Risings
of the People, and also of their present Movement (viz)

1st The Present expencive mode of Collecting Debts, which by
reason of the Great Scarcity of Cash will of Necessity fill our
Goals with unhappy Debtors, and there by Hinder a respectable
body of People incapable of being Serviceable Either to them
selves or Community.-

2dly The moneys raised by impost and Excise being appropiated
to Discharge the Interest of Government Securities; (and the
forreign Debt) when those Securities are in no wish[?] subject
to taxation.

3dly A Suspension of the writ of Habeas Corpes; by which
those Persons who have steped forth to ascert and maintain
the rights of the People are liable to be taken and
Conveyed even to the most Distant Parts of the Commonwealth
and there by Subject to an unjust Punishment-

4thly The unlimited Power granted to Justices of the Peice, thereof
Deputy Sherifs, and Constables by the riot act indemnefy
ing them in the Prosecution thereof, when Perhaps situated[?]
wholly by a principle of revenge Hatred and invy.-
Futhermore be it asured that this body Dispise the Idea of of
being instigated by british Emisaries which is so streniously[?]
Propigated by the Emimies of our Liberties, we also wish
the most Proper and speedy measures may be taken to
Discharge both of our foreign and Domistick Debt.

Pr Order Daniel Gray {Chairman of a
  {committee for
  {the above Purpose