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Henry McCulloch Death Warrant

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Commonwealth of Massachusetts

To Elisha Porter Esq sherrif of the County of
Whereas Henry McCullock of Pelham
in the County of Hamshire Gentleman now a
Prisoner in our Goal at Northampton in our
County of Hampshire was before our Justices
of our supreme judicial Court begun and held
at Northampton within and for the County
of Hampshire on the Ninth day of April in
the Year of our Lord seventeen hundred and Eighty
seven by Adjournment to that Time from the
first Tuesday of the same April by Writ
in Virtue of an Act of the General Court made
in february last part convicted of the Crime
of Treason and was then and there by our
said Court duly sentenced to suffer the
pains and Penalties of Death as to us appears
appears of Record an Exemplification of
which under the Seal of our said Court is
here unto annexed where of Execution still
remainth to be done

We therefore with the Advice
and consent of the Council pursuant of the
Statute in that Case made and provided com=
=mand you that on thursday the twenty
fourth day of may next between the hours
of twelve and three ^ of the Clock in the afternoon at the
usual Place of Execution you cause Execution
on the Person of the said Henry McCullock
to be done and performed in all things
according to the form and Effect of the said
judgment — for which this shall be your
sufficiant Warrant — hereof fail not