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Ebenezer Mattoon to Thomas Cushing Regarding Henry McCulloch

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The rank and horrid expressions he has made up of, are much against him, but his actions have not been so bad, as either of the Persons who ^ are Liberated = he has acted by Influence and not[?] in Command, he is forward, had agood horse & therefore was frequently called upon ^by Shays Gray and other leading Men in Pelham.-- he did his utmost to prevent men from committ =ing outrages at several times, and frequently in Conversation (when Shays was driving about the Country he told me he wished he was out of it, but he could not live in Pelham unless he Joined them, I have been acquainted with him a Number of Years, and know him in private life, I feel much on his account, I should have been happy while at Springfield with the Government Troops, and Shays in Amherst, If I had known that my Family was protect =ed by Mc Colloch, you have heard of my Situation I presume in Amherst, and you will know the part I have taken, I have Suffered much in Person & proper by these People, I have been obliged to move my family to a Neighbouring

=Town for shelter, Notwithstnding all this I must beg for Mc Colloch, and I wish to - Interest you in his behalf; I cannot consider =him as the Person that ought to fall a [?] because he has not been on influential character has not been an officer among them, and has got that character ^ only by being forward when called upon by Shays to carry ---- messages, he has been a tool I will not dispute. -- but Silas fowler now in Gaol is indicted for high treason & will undoubtedly be convicted, he has been a Representative several years, is an inifluential character in the County, and has been concerned in every Mob in the County time immemorial, if he should be taken & Mc Colloch left, it appears to me, it would conciliate the Town of Pelham to the Government, and be attended with very happy consequences. -- I cannot express my feelings on the Subject, but sure I am Mc Colloch is not the Person to make an example of. yet I shall with cheerfulness submit to the wise determinations of his excellency & the Council. -- if you think this letter may be made useful to his advantage you --- will please to make use of it, and believe me desird to be with the highest esteme your humble servnt -- E Mattoon Jun

Majr Cushing

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