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Petition from the Town of Greenwich

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Honoured Sirs are not these imprisonments and fleeing away of
our good inhabitents very injurious to the Credit or honour of the
Commonwelth: Will not the people in the neighboring States say
of this State: altho: the massachusets Bost? of their fine constatution
Their government is such that itt Devours their inhabitents

Notwithstanding all these Distresses We hear of no abatement of sallerys
but his Excellency the governner must be paid Eleven hundred A
year out of the moneys Collected as before mentoned and other sallerys
and grants to other gentlemen as your honours very Well know
iff these things are honest just and rite We sinsearly Wish to be convinced
of itt; but we honestly confess itt is beyend our skill to Reconsile these
Sallerys and grants with the principles of our constatution (viz.)
piaty Justice moderation temperance &c

We observe in the proclamation Lately Sent out by his Excellency
that the promotion of Piaty and Virtue is highly Recommended we
Rejoice att the recommendation: and beg Leave to mention that maxim
Example is stronger then precipt. and Who can be more likely to
Bring foward A Reformation by Example then the honourable members
of the genaral Court; by A Line of Conduct agreeable to Scripture and
The principls of the Constatution, if your honours finde aney thing ab-
-ove mentioned Worthy of notice; We earnestly pray that they may
Be candedly considered for we have weighied hoped and Expected that
The present genaral Court Would point out Sum Way Whereby
The people might be Releaved we therefore most humbly pray your
Honours to Ammitt A paper Currancy and make itt A tender in all
payments Whatsoever or some other Way to Releave your petitioners as
your honours in your grate Wisdom shall think most proper
And iff no other Can be found out pray send us such A Commitee
as your honours can confide in to Apprise our Estates and take them
att yourone price and as Deuty Bound shall Every pray

Commonwelth of Massachusetts Jeremiah Powers William Rogers
Jan-y 16tt 1786 Nehe. Stebbins Nehemiah Hind
Jedidiah Emmons Ebenezer Whittmore Simon Stone
Ephm. Hunt Cornelius Cannon Asa Gilbert
Abijah powers Aaron Powers Joseph Jones
David Williams Joesph Hendrick Zebedee Osborn
Roland Pecks Jeremiah Powers Jr Moses Barns
Jacob Boyer Edmund Tilson Rueben Cooley
Simeon Poermon? Ezra Allan Samuel Fenton
  Jonathan Emons John Church