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Indenture of Justin Hitchcock

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I Luke Hitchcock Indenture of his Son Justin [outside fold of document]

This Indenture Witnesseth
That I Justin Hitchcock of Granville Son of Luke Hitchcock of
Granville in the County of Hampshire In New England Hath Put
Himself of his own free will and Accord and with the Consent
of Luke Hitchcock aforesaid Doth Put and bind himself to be
an Apprentice unto Moses Church of Springfield In the County
of Hampshire to learn his art trade or Mystery and with
Him the Said Moses After the manner of an Apprentice
to Dwell and Serve from the Day and Date Here of for and Du=
=ring the full and Just Term until he Arrives to the
age of Twenty one Compleat and During all which Said,
Term the Said Apprentice His Said Master He Shall
Honestly and faithfully sere His Secrets keep close His
lawful and Reason=
=able commands every where Gladly Do and Perform Damage
to his Said master. He Shall not wilfully Do His Masters
Goods He Shall not waste embezel purloine or lend unto
others nor Suffer the Same to be wasted or Purloined but
Shall forthwith Discover and make known the Same unto his Said master
Taverns or Ale-houses He Shall not frequent at Cards Dice
or any other unlawful Game He Shall not Play
Fornication He Shall not commit nor matrimony
Contract with any Person During the Said term from
his masters Service. He Shall not at any time unlaw=
fully Absent himself but in all things as a Good honest
and Faithfull Servant and Apprentice Shall bear and
behave himself towards His Said master During the
full Term aforesaid